The top trends in money remittance

Whitepaper from Paysafe on the money remittance market and the technology impacting it today, with image of female using a smartphone
(Image credit: Paysafe)

The money remittance sector - the movement of money from one party to another - has seen significant change in the last decade, with the move to online money management during the pandemic, and the rise of mobile payments. However, this digitization has meant some less-technically-minded consumers, among others, have been left behind.

 This whitepaper explores the drivers behind this sector’s growth, including digitalization and the benefits this is bringing to personal and business customers alike, but also discusses the challenges the industry faces in accessibility for all. 

Working with the right partner can mean the difference between providing a service to all customers, particularly when they’re in the driving seat when it comes to payments. 

Download now to understand the key factors that are impacting the money remittance industry today, and discover a solution to help this sector move forward with digitization for an improved customer experience for all.

Provided by  Paysafe


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