Hytera unveils ultra-thin, smart body camera for law enforcement

Body camera with police on the screen

Hytera has unveiled its new VM580D Smart Bodycam, a 4G-capable, 20 mm ultra-thin camera designed for comfort and safety for law enforcement.

The camera features a 2-inch touchscreen, a push-to-talk button, a separate alarm button and an instant SOS button for when law enforcement personnel are in danger.

Some other notable VM580D features include:

  • 1080P high-definition recording
  • Infrared night vision that can identify facial features from 5-10 meters away in the dark
  • A 110-degree ultra-wide lens
  • Distortion-reduction algorithm to accurately collect more details on site
  • 30-second pre- and post-event recording feature
  • Live uploading via LTE network, allowing for visualized command and dispatch during law enforcement process
  • Supports global positioning configuration, such as GPS, GLONASS, AGPS and indoor Bluetooth positioning
  • 3,000-mAh battery offers over eight hours of continuous video recording
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • 2-meter drop resistance
  • AES256-bit encryption algorithm

The VM580D’s increased video capability and clarity, and encrypted video to prevent leaks could make law enforcement body cameras more prolific.

Technology has been a hot-button topic for law enforcement this year. In June, activists published 269GB of hacked police information and data, including videos. The UK banned police use of facial recognition technology back in August, but it’s still permitted in some US states.