cloud backup

cloud backup

BackupVault Cloud Backup review: Back(up) to reality

A great choice for SMB data protection, with simple cloud storage costs and fast, slick restore features
28 May 2020
cloud backup

Google Backup and Sync review: That syncing feeling

A capable file-sync tool, but it’s no backup behemoth
17 Mar 2020
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The essential guide to cloud-based backup and disaster recovery

Support business continuity by building a holistic emergency plan
2 Mar 2020
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cloud backup

Your data backup could be a disaster waiting to happen

You may think your files are protected - but could you be in for a nasty surprise when disaster strikes?
20 Feb 2020
Multi cloud illustration on a blue and orange coloured background, with real cloud images overlaid
cloud backup

What is cloud-to-cloud backup?

C2C backup is growing in popularity, so what is it, and how can it help your business if the worst happens?
18 Feb 2020
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disaster recovery (DR)

Nine tips to improve your disaster recovery strategy

Whether you have a well-rehearsed DR plan in place or are just starting out, here's how to take your strategy to the next level
29 Nov 2019
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The definitive guide to backup for Salesforce

How to identify an effective solution for keeping your data safe
15 Nov 2019
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The definitive guide to backup for Office 365

How to ensure complete data protection for Office 365 and Sharepoint online
15 Nov 2019
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The definitive guide to backup for G Suite

How to find exactly what you need to keep your data safe
15 Nov 2019
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data management

View from the airport: Commvault GO 2019

Despite a rocky year, fresh ideas and vision gives Commvault a second lease of life in Colorado
22 Oct 2019
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Embracing new technologies and helping SMBs respond to change

Resellers are uniquely placed to help SMBs on their digital transformation journeys
4 Oct 2019
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Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct review

A cloud backup solution well suited to protecting distributed offices but spoilt by a lot of rough edges
22 Jul 2019
cloud backup

How the cloud cooled my phone's meltdown

Barry Collins narrowly avoids data disaster when his handset gets overheated
24 Jul 2018

50% of UK businesses 'are leaving data at risk'

Firms lack solid disaster recovery and backup strategies, survey finds
11 Jun 2018
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Microsoft drops a clean energy data centre into North Sea

Redmond hopes the underwater cloud storage facility could mean faster data transfers
6 Jun 2018
cloud computing

95% of data centre traffic will come from cloud by 2021

Volume of data will lead to more hyperscale cloud facilities, report predicts
6 Feb 2018
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cloud backup

Datrium introduces cloud recovery service for AWS

Cloud DVX offers de-duplication to make it possible to use the public cloud for VM backup and data recovery
29 Nov 2017