Websense adds cloud-based security to Apple iPhone

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IT security company Websense has launched a mobile version of its Triton cloud-based security service to help protect Apple iPhone users from malware, data loss and IP theft.

The Triton Mobile security service combines content-aware data security, web security, malicious app protection and mobile device management (MDM) for iOS devices on wireless mobile networks. The latest version sports ten new defences against data theft and loss, including optical character recognition (OCR) of text within images, which are often taken by mobile devices.

According to the company, the service provides protection for data-in-motion wherever employees use their devices. The cloud-based security service, with an on-demand VPN tunnel, analyses inbound and outbound data communications.

Administrators can roll out the service by installing a profile to iOS devices and choosing the appropriate policy for company-owned or personal mobile devices to keep them secure. It said that the process only takes "few minutes" and customers can extend their existing web security policies to mobile devices.

Integrated MDM features enable organisations to control mobile devices to keep them secure, minimise risk and maintain compliance. Users also have real-time contextual security provided by Websense Ace (Advanced Classification Engine), the technology that powers security defences in all Triton products and services.

John McCormack, president of Websense said that the service is focused "squarely on securing confidential data as it's accessed by corporate and BYOD mobile devices."

"With the general availability of Websense Triton Mobile Security, organizations can now have the mobile security they haven't seen with MDM solutions," he said.

Rene Millman

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