Symantec rolls nine security products into one cloud-based tool

blue cloud with lock inside

Symantec has slimmed down its product line and moved to a cloud-based subscription model for its security products in a bid to simplify its offering to customers.

The next Norton Security product debuts on the 23 September and replaces Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Norton 360 Multi-Device, and Norton 360 Premier Edition, among others.

"Too many of us remain vulnerable to advanced threats. If we want to free ourselves to take full advantage of our amazing digital, interconnected world, we need to secure ourselves," said Fran Rosch, executive vice president of Norton Business Unit in a blog post.

"With that in mind, we at Norton are making significant changes to simplify and strengthen our portfolio of security products. We are making it easier to select and buy the security products you need, and download and maintain them.

"As cyber criminals and the attacks they launch become more sophisticated, we're strengthening our advanced threat protection technologies and improving performance across your Android, Windows, Mac and iOS devices."

He said that Norton Security would become Symantec’s flagship product, rolling up nine products into this one, cloud-based offering. IT would also be available with and without cloud backup.

The offering is currently in public beta and scheduled for general availability this autumn, when the firm will start to retire its legacy products.

The cloud-based product will allow users to pick and choose the security features they need and manage new devices as and when needed.

Rosch said that as with an “improved look and feel” as well as well as cloud-based management, Norton Security would feel much more like a service and less like the software of old.

“Because Norton Security is cloud-based, it will be simple to add and manage new devices through your personal Norton account – just like you do on Netflix and iTunes,” he said.

The firm said it was confident enough in the new cloud-based security service that it would offer customers a 100 per cent virus-free money-back guarantee.

Rene Millman

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