Citrix ShareFile users get encrypted Outlook email

Man with hands underneath laptop, phone and tablet transferring data

Citrix ShareFile customers can now encrypt their Microsoft Outlook email, making sure it's compliant with industry regulations.

The virtualisation company has long offered secure file-sharing in the cloud, allowing workers in regulated industries such as healthcare and finance to exchange sensitive documents without risk.

But sending sensitive data like medical records via email has generally been forbidden under laws like HIPPA in the US and the Data Protection Act in the UK.

However, Citrix's new integration with Microsoft Office means users can send data via encrypted email to people outside of the organisation, such as vendors or clients who lack access to the company's own ShareFile system.

Additionally, the service can be used from within the Microsoft Outlook client without disruption, according to Citrix, making life easier for those dealing with confidential information on a regular basis, it claims.

While Citrix is pitching the new technology as suitable for the needs of all businesses, the company said it is particularly useful for SMBs, as it can help reduce overheads.

One customer, Holly Bruner of Helbling Benefits Consulting, said: "With ShareFile, we are confident that emails and their attachments are sent and received securely.

"We've been able to reduce costs by going paperless and using a single provider for securing both the body of an email and its attachments."

Email encryption for Citrix ShareFile Business is available immediately upon request.

Jane McCallion
Deputy Editor

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