Michelin puts Accenture behind the wheel of its hybrid cloud plans

Person travelling upwards to the cloud
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Tyre manufacturer Michelin has enlisted Accenture’s Cloud Platform to help build out a range of new pay-per-use mobility services to its business customers.

The company said the services are designed to make it easier for fleet managers to monitor the fuel efficiency and tyre management needs of the vehicles they look after.

The services will be hosted and monitored on the Accenture Cloud Platform, which will also allow Michelin to automate various business processes, including contract creation, billing and accounting

The consulting firm bills the platform as a “hybrid cloud integration” offering that allows companies to take advantage of cloud services, as well as legacy systems.

A joint Accenture-Michelin change management team has been created to support the venture and guide staff through the move to the cloud

The outsourcing firm is also providing a call centre facility for people using the services, which will be operational six days a week and will be able to handle calls in 14 different languages.

Work on the project began back in May 2012, and it is now up and running in Europe, with more territories set to launch in due cause.

Philippe Miret, chief executive of Michelin solutions, said: “Based on strong collaboration, Michelin solutions and Accenture are using a value-based deal built on a pay-per-use model.

“This model creates a shared interest in long-term results, giving both organizations the opportunity to benefit directly from success,” he added.

Jean Cabanes, managing director for the automotive and industrial equipment industries in France and Benelux at Accenture, said the firm has struck a performance-based pay deal with the manufacturer.

“[This] gives us a vested interest to create a successful project,” added Cabanes.