Calligo deploys Cloudian object storage

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Cloud service provider Calligo has implemented Cloudian's object storage to boost its Solidfire-based flash storage capacity and appease customers who were demanding object-based solutions.

Previously, data had been stored on 0.5PB Solidfire all-flash arrays, but the company's customers started requesting object-based storage that could be used with Amazon S3 and other cloud provider's platforms.

Calligo explained that Cloudian's solution was chosen because it offered 100 per cent compatibility with Amazon S3 and ensured security was key with snapshot backups from the company's existing SolidFire infrastructure.

“The fact that Cloudian was 100 per cent S3-compatible was a crucial decision point for us as it ensured smooth interoperability and integration with other cloud services," Tom Hacquoil, chief digital officer at Calligo said.

"Even though we reviewed other S3-based products, Cloudian’s HyperStore came out at top because its allows us to speed up the implementation of additional services. Not only that, but so far we’ve had a very positive experience with the Cloudian team, who have helped this deployment to run smoothly.”

Calligo deployed three Cloudian nodes to its Hyperstore offering, running on Lenovo hardware. Although only two of Calligo's data centres are currently using the solution, it plans to roll out Storage-as-a-Service to all its global data centres in the future.

The company is also currently hoping to develop a larger range of data placement products on top of its infrastructure, storage, desktop, backup and archiving solutions so it can offer its customers more, meaning Cloudian can also widen its services to include backups, archives and general storage as service.

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