PDX opts for Agilisys cloud service

Cloud with various IT components inside

Cloud company Agilisys has signed a deal to provide a managed infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud deployment to Pursuit Dynamics (PDX).

The service has been designed to rationalise some of PDX's IT infrastructure: it will offer hosting, backup and desktop support. According to David Cotterell, managing director of Agilisys’s cloud services, one of the key elements of the deal would be provisioning and support for a range of Microsoft products: Dynamics AX2009, the company’s ERP product, Sharepoint and Lync. These were in addition to support for Exchange and Office.

Cotterell said that Agilisys had now established itself as a cloud provider, with a range of customers such as PDX who in turn provide process technologies for small breweries and larger enterprises such as PNG and he thought there was a large untapped market out there. “There’s a huge swathe of companies who have yet to go into cloud.

According to Jarek Gorecki, head of IT for PDX, the move to Agilisys had been the result of a decision to concentrate the company’s IT resources by selecting an external provider for managed services. “As a customer, it’s taking a lot of the administrative worries away from me – I don’t want to worry about looking my licences. By using services in the cloud, it allows us to focus on our core products.”

Agilisys’s Cotterell said that the key element to cloud contracts was building a relationship with customer. “As an example of what this means, take a customer of ours. We have a particular client with a huge amount of number crunching and worked out a contract with them. In six months, we renegotiated the contract as they were busting, he said. “We were benefiting from that, but you have to have a relationship with companies as they mature and evolve.”

Max Cooter

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