Reliability top concern for IaaS users, despite growing use

A finger icon tapping on one of many question mark-shaped clouds.

Reliability of public cloud services is the top concern for IT professionals, according to a recent survey by Riverbed Technology.

The company asked respondents about their organisations' use IaaS and found that 69 per cent those surveyed are likely to deploy or already have deployed business-critical apps into an IaaS platform.

Unsurprisingly, given that the survey was taken at the re:Invent conference, 96 per cent of respondents said they are engaging in or discussing IaaS deployments in a broader sense and 53 per cent indicated their organisation had already deployed at least one app on a public cloud.

also said they had deployed on a public cloud public-facing websites or web applications (84 per cent), non-critical business apps (79 per cent) and backup archiving (70 per cent).

However, the same survey showed those surveyed still had serious misgivings over the reliability (90 per cent), performance (88 per cent), security (86 per cent), and cost (84 per cent) of using cloud services.

In a blog post, Dormain Drewitz, Riverbed senior solutions marketing manager said the one thing that sets business-critical applications apart – and threatens reliability and performance of those applications whether they are running in the cloud or on premise – is the complexity of multi-tiered applications.

“IaaS reinforces service-oriented architectures (SOA) and the ease with with developers can add services from cloud and third-party services leads to very, very complex applications,” she said.

Drewitz added that even on-premise applications can have cloud components and dependencies these days, and the complex web of inter-dependencies doesn’t stop at hybrid cloud connections either.

“With greater adoption of various SaaS applications and multiple IaaS vendors, applications in one cloud may depend on data served from another cloud and vice versa. A first step is to map these application dependencies holistically to understand which cloud services your various applications rely on,” said Drewitz.

Rene Millman

Rene Millman is a freelance writer and broadcaster who covers cybersecurity, AI, IoT, and the cloud. He also works as a contributing analyst at GigaOm and has previously worked as an analyst for Gartner covering the infrastructure market. He has made numerous television appearances to give his views and expertise on technology trends and companies that affect and shape our lives. You can follow Rene Millman on Twitter.