EMC brings Dropbox-like Syncplicity to Isilon and Atmos

Cloud filing cabinet storage

EMC is to add its cloud storage offering Syncplicity to its range of Isilon NAS devices and Atmos object-based storage systems.

Syncplicity was bought by EMC last May for an undisclosed sum, and will be integrated with its storage products so that customers can use Dropbox-like features, such as sharing and syncing files, on-premise in a private cloud.

Currently in beta, the Syncplicity option is available for both Isilon and Atmos systems and is expected to go on general release from the end of March, with customers set to be charged $15 per user per month to use it

The file sharing add-on will allow IT professionals to maintain control of data being downloaded to user’s own devices.

There are three components to the product: a storage layer, an orchestration layer that sits on the server in the cloud and a client one that resides on the user’s device.

Syncplicity runs the orchestration layer while the storage/compute layer runs on a virtual machine alongside the Atmos or Isilon system.

“Integrating Syncplicity with EMC on-premise storage extends our guiding principle of delighting the user with an easy-to-use cloud solution for file sync, sharing and collaboration while empowering IT with tools and control to protect the business,” said Jeetu Patel, vice president and general manager of the Syncplicity business unit within EMC's Information Intelligence Group.

“While the obvious benefit is enabling choice, delivering on-premise storage is the logical next step in our evolution.”

Terri McClure, a senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), said IT pros need to securely extend file sharing solutions to support the mobility and collaboration needs of an increasingly dispersed and multi-device workforce.

“These solutions will help IT meet the need for user collaboration, while maintaining tight control for IT and massive scalability for enterprise data,” she said.

“Compliance and control are critical to enterprises today, and can be hard to achieve while simultaneously providing the flexibility and ease of management that are necessary to enable today’s agile enterprise.”

Rene Millman

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