Interoute unveils CloudStore purchasing gateway


Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider Interoute has launched a new converged compute and network platform, appliance market, and knowledge centre, called CloudStore.

The new service is built on Interoute’s own cloud platform, which it claims is the largest in Europe, and is provisioned through the company’s virtual data centre (VDC).

From this platform, CloudStore can deliver private, public and hybrid clouds, in a manner that Interoute claims is a “radical shift in IT services”.

Matthew Finnie, CTO at Interoute, said: “[CloudStore] essentially combines a seriously scalable integrated network, compute and storage infrastructure with all the appliances you need to run an IT environment.”

The offering provides the essential foundations for many business critical systems, the company says, including certified applications from Microsoft, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, Stonesoft and Riverbed.

“Not only does Interoute CloudStore replace the need to buy the physical equivalent of a firewall, load balancer or operating system, it also does away with the need to power these services, connect them up and make them work with existing infrastructure,” the organisation said.

As well as the ability to purchase cloud services, CloudStore also provides an online knowledge centre, where users can find out how to get the best from Interoute’s VDC infrastructure.

“[CloudStore] is the next generation of cloud computing; one that does not compromise on data sovereignty, privacy concerns or performance,” Finnie said.

“The difference is in the delivery. If you buy and run an enterprise application without the right platform and SLAs to support it, you are effectively placing the productivity and security of your business in the ‘wild’.

“Appliance marketplaces perfectly complement the platform and are the future of the ICT purchasing model,” he concluded.