Gatwick Airport forecasts passenger numbers with Anaplan

Airplane parked at gate at airport at sunset

Gatwick Airport has selected Anaplan to predict when it will see spikes and fluctuations in passenger numbers, allowing it to plan its operations better.

The cloud-based platform means staff can access all the data they need about passenger numbers and demands from one place, with the ability to model potential future scenarios in order to future-proof its services.

The platform allows for information to be simulated on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, meaning short-term, medium-term and long-term plans can be made to ensure the staff and facilities are in place at all times throughout the year to meet the rapidly changing demand.

“Passenger forecasting is at the centre of everything we do and with Anaplan, we now have the potential to run intricate scenarios in a matter of seconds. Anaplan will also provide greater robustness and the integrity of data we desire,” David Harpur, head of sales and operations planning at Gatwick Airport, said.

“One of the major factors, beyond the product itself, was finding a partner that would work at the same velocity and with the same ambition to grow as us," he added.

"In Anaplan, we have found this match and the ‘get up and go’ culture they have, constantly supporting us to be bigger and better, is certainly something that resonates strongly with the team here.”

Around 41 million passengers are expected to pass through Gatwick Airport in 2016 and the addition of technology such as Anaplan means the facility can ensure it is able to address everyone's needs equally.

Ian Stone, UK and Ireland managing director at Anaplan, added: “Global travel is a dynamic and complex industry in which forecasting has rapidly risen to the top of the agenda to model and optimise processes efficiently. We are excited to work with Gatwick Airport and support their growth ambitions.”

Clare Hopping
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