VCE and Unisys tighten their alliance

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Global IT and cloud services provider Unisys has announced that its private cloud offering, Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution, has been certified by VCE as "Vblock Ready” and is available to clients.

Rod Sapp, vice president of data centre transformation and outsourcing products and technology at Unisys said: “This is an exciting expansion of our alliance with VCE. Unisys adds innovative cloud capabilities to VCE’s powerful Vblock Systems, helping clients better protect their business data, gain on-demand access to IT services and control costs. We complement these capabilities with services to help VCE clients plan their cloud strategy, implement the integrated Unisys-VCE solution quickly and manage it efficiently.”

VCE’s Vblock Systems integrate leading Cisco networking and server, EMC storage and VMware cloud infrastructure into a single converged infrastructure system. The Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution simplifies the automation, provisioning and management of IT resources in the Vblock System-based cloud environment.

The Unisys-VCE solution can be used as a special-purpose private cloud or integrated into a hybrid system.

"Demand for Vblock Systems continues to grow as more IT organisations realise the business agility and cost savings they provide,” said Todd Pavone, executive vice president of VCE. "Together with Unisys we are targeting market segments – such as financial-services – that can benefit from our expertise and solutions and are offering a value proposition for cloud computing that few in the market can approach."

Jane McCallion
Managing Editor

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