We’re going to put machine learning in everything, says VMware CEO


VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger has confirmed the company's intentions to integrate machine learning technology into all of its products, highlighting four main areas in which the company is actively working on integrating the technology.

Speaking to press and analysts at Dell Technologies World 2018, Gelsinger talked about several areas in which VMware is already using machine learning,as well as teasing the introduction of ML to its vRealise management suite.

"I really see that we'll be putting AI and ML essentially into our product line everywhere. We'll find ways to simply bring more intelligence," Gelsinger said. "You'll see us making announcements later this year, where we'll be adding AI and machine learning into our vRealise suite, because that benefits us for workload placement. And actually, that's been a pretty good area where machine learning has demonstrated some quite dramatic results."

VMware is already using AI and ML in various areas of its business, Gelsinger revealed, including using it in vSAN to optimise disk performance and predict failure rates, in AppDefense to automatically flag suspicious VM behaviour and in VMware Skyline.

"If you're in a place that making any kind of forward-looking view, machine learning seems to be demonstrating very good results in a variety of these areas," Gelsinger said.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been major focus areas for Dell at this year's conference. Many of its new data centre products have been positioned as being particularly suited to these tasks, and the company has even built machine learning into its new PowerMax storage array to automatically optimise performance.

Adam Shepherd

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