Google Apps for Business adopted by Unipart

Google apps logo

Google has clinched a deal with UK manufacturing giant Unipart that will see it rollout its Google Apps for Business suite to 4,500 employees.

Unipart - which is currently extending operations to regions such as India, China, Australia, and the US - will have access to an array of tools featured in Google Apps, including Google Docs, Gmail, Sites, Calendar, Google Talk, and its cloud storage offering Google Drive.

The increased access is intended to aid Unipart in expanding its global infrastructure, while facilitating better communication and training across multiple sites.

“Google Apps is the perfect choice for our business as we continue to expand our operations in the UK and internationally and increase our mobile workforce,” said Carl Powell, Unipart’s Group CIO.

“We’re also confident that, as well as being easily accessible from any location and any device; our information will be secure when stored in the cloud,” he added.

The company hopes access to Google+ and Google Docs, for example, will help create “knowledge sharing communities” by consolidating changes of multiple drafts into a single document.

“Today, people are coming to work expecting to be able to communicate and interact with one another using the tools they already have access to in their personal lives,” said Thomas Davies of Google Enterprise UK.

“It is encouraging to see an increasing number of global businesses such as Unipart taking steps to help their employees be flexible and mobile by making use of the breadth of collaborative features now available in Google Apps.”