BizSlate offers SMBs supply chain management in the cloud

ERP systems

SaaS provider BizSlate revealed its new cloud-based supply-chain management tool for small medium-sized businesses.

Its enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool is set to help small businesses manage their supply chains but at a price they can afford. The company’s ERP will aid organisations manage customers, vendors, orders, inventory, logistics, and their overall supply chain, with certain functionality reducing processing time by as much as 90 per cent over alternative solutions, it claimed.

The company said the tool was developed using input, feedback and guidance from customers. Early in the development process, Marc Kalman, BizSlate's founder and chief executive, brought together an advisory group of SMB leaders and asked them what they needed from an ERP system in order to create the product.

Among the features BizSlate ERP provides are: placing product orders with factories, accepting products into inventory, taking customer purchase orders, generating sales orders and fulfilment documents, printing packing slips, shipping labels, shipping products to customers and generating customer invoices. The tool also syncs automatically with QuickBooks for general ledger and financial reporting.

The tool is based on Java and Oracle at the back end. The company told US publication VentureBeat that the company had raised $370,000 to date with its 19-company strong steering committee each contributing $18,000 to funding.

No details were given about the products cost or available in the UK.

Rene Millman

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