CSC deploys Workday as companies form new partnership

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CSC and Workday have announced an alliance that will see the creation of a consulting practice to help firms implement Workday’s cloud-based human capital management platform. CSC is also deploying the platform within its own organisation of more than 70,000 worldwide.

The service provider will establish a commercial consulting practice that will enable customers to make the move from on-premise human capital management (HCM) applications to the cloud.

This practice will work with workday to market and deploy Workday HCM. CSC said it would be able to help customers rapidly deploy Workday HCM, while also providing customers with design and deployment services as well as advising on the project management and organisational changes needed in deployment.

“The combined strengths of CSC and Workday will enable clients to transition HCM to the cloud confidently, quickly and efficiently,” said Jim Smith, executive vice president & general manager, Global Business Services, CSC.

“Together, CSC and Workday will strategically leverage our next-generation IT capabilities to help global enterprises more rapidly achieve new levels of workforce productivity, HCM modernisation, and cost savings while minimising business risks,” Smith said.

CSC said the partnership would form part of a broader portfolio of next-generation IT offerings that also include application modernisation, big data, and cybersecurity and would align Workday HCM deployments with its cloud offering strategy.

CSC’s Agility Platform will also be used to help customers manage and integrate Workday HCM across various cloud environments.

“CSC has long been a leading global system integrator with deep relationships with enterprise customers around the world,” said Jim Bozzini, senior vice president, services, Workday.

“They will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the Workday services partner ecosystem, and we are excited to work side-by-side with CSC to help our mutual customers make the transition to the cloud.”

Rene Millman

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