Building a business case for SAP on AWS

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With today’s IT environments becoming increasingly complex, many organisations want to reduce technical debt and improve reliability and performance of their SAP systems.

Download this webinar and learn how to develop a business case for reducing the TCO of your SAP workloads. Join Maik Gasterstaedt, a senior solution architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), who will take you through a framework for reducing cost and improving quality of service.

AWS customers save an average of 31%, and a 2021 Forrester Report found that SAP on AWS customers experience a 103% ROI after three years.

Watch this webinar and hear from existing AWS customers who have saved up to 50% on SAP run costs by migrating to AWS.

Download this webinar and learn how to:

  • Reduce technical debt of your SAP systems
  • Increase the value of your IT environments
  • Innovate and become more resilient with SAP on AWS

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