Business strategy

What is data and big data mining? An easy guide

You have a lot of data, but how do you find the right data to make a business decision?
26 Jun 2020
data mining

LinkedIn loses appeal over public data scraping

Judge rules that giving big tech companies "free rein" over who can use public user data risked creating "information monopolies"
10 Sep 2019
TfL Underground London
Data & insights

TfL will track tube passengers to improve its service

Company will harvest anonymous data from passengers using the free Underground WiFi
22 May 2019
Image from Commvault GO 2018 in which Commvault is put in the same bracket as massive tech giants
data management

Commvault says its tech is “on another world” to competitors

Hammer says Commvault has set the industry bar - one day after counting it in the same bracket as Netflix, Google and Amazon
12 Oct 2018
Google's building in Silicon Valley
data mining

High Court blocks Google mass lawsuit over iPhone data

The tech giant was accused of violating data protection laws with loophole in Safari settings
8 Oct 2018
Instagram app open on phone
data mining

Instagram location history harvesting to fuel Facebook ads

Prototype privacy settings raise concerns on Facebook's data collection once again
5 Oct 2018
Trend Micro website displayed on a smartphone device

Apple removes Trend Micro tools from Mac App Store

Trend flatly denies experts’ claims it is stealing user data and sending it to China
11 Sep 2018

Firms need to prep for the data 'gold rush'

Pure Storage CEO says IT professionals will play a key role in helping extract value
23 May 2018

4m Facebook users' details 'exposed by Cambridge academics'

Personal data including age, location and gender was accessible to anyone - report
15 May 2018
data mining

Facebook faces lawsuit for call and message data scraping

Unauthorised data collection on Android phones brings Facebook to court once again
14 May 2018
Graphic depicting the transfer of data across the globe
data mining

Cambridge Analytica closes but ICO investigation rolls on

Parliamentary inquiry chair warns firm 'cannot be allowed to delete their data history'
3 May 2018
Server & storage

The business challenge of big data

Jennifer Scott looks at why companies should embrace big data rather than run for the hills.
22 Jul 2011
Data cube
Server & storage

Kognitio looks to kill the physical cube

Kognitio believes its Pablo technology could mark a significant moment in data analytics.
14 Feb 2011
Data graphic
risk management

Businesses should tackle data management

Investing in master data management makes sense even in a tough economy, argues Gartner.
9 Dec 2010
Business strategy

Data mining boosts Jaeger profits

The British fashion retailer has achieved a return on its investment three months after installing new loss prevention data mining software.
27 Nov 2008