Windows Server 2012: Installation and setup

As the admin password has been changed, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to bring up the login screen. Type in the password you have just created and press enter.

Server 2012 has borrowed a lot of ideas for its GUI from Windows 8. This means that a lot of tasks can be carried out from the Start screen. This can be bought up by pressing the Windows key on the keyboard.

Click on the tile marked "Server Manager". This brings up the desktop and the Server Manager window. Here you can click on "Configure this local server". From here you can configure various parts of the OS that you need for your network.

The server will have a default server name and this can be changed to match other servers within your infrastructure. Renaming the server is the primary option within this window.

Clicking on the existing name in Server Manager changes the server name. This will bring up the System properties box. Click on "Change", type in the name you want that matches with your organisations' naming convention and click on "OK". After this you will have to restart the server.

Rene Millman

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