OneNote for Mac & iPhone receives functionality boost

Microsoft OneNote for Android and iOS

Microsoft has added updates to OneNote for iPhone and Mac, including a number of new features downloadable from the App Store.

The new Mac version comes with printing support as well as a tool for format painting and support for embedded web links. It's accompanied by an update for OneNote on iPhone 2.2.1, that features the capability to create notebooks from scratch, while Office Lens functionality is bundled in too.

OneNote for Mac still has a reduced amount of features compared to the Windows version, as users can only use text, tables, images and date stamps. Support for printing and saving notes has also been bundled in with the new update.

Dragging and dropping pictures from web pages to open projects, as well as multiple picture compatibility, has been added. Images can now also be resized and rotated back to their original dimensions. Microsoft claims to have "dramatically improved" the look and feel of the app, adding that it has been made to be much more "fluid and efficient."

OneNote for iPhone has been updated to version 2.2.1, which differentiates the app from the desktop version. iPhone users will be able to edit, view and create their own notebooks directly from their phone.

Microsoft has also made a reduction in app size to boost the performance and boot speed.

Functionality with the Office Lens app is included, allowing users to take pictures of notes on a whiteboard, document or receipt, which will then be made readable and editable using OCR technology. Movement around the app has been made more fluid, with new sections and pages, as well as a cleaned up navigation bar.