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Best resource planning software

We round up the best tools to help you allocate resources and track time spent on projects

If you're struggling to keep on top of your resources both manpower and equipment to complete your projects, resource planning software is the first step to business greatness, helping determine whether you need to take onboard new staff or resources to help you achieve your goals.

Resource planning software varies greatly, with some a simple spreadsheet-like tool that can only be analysed by data scientists or mathematically-minded people, while others are much more visual, allowing key stakeholders to quickly understand what's needed and where (plus the possible costs).

While some are simple tracking platforms, others integrate AI to model what might happen in future based upon past incidents, or industry trends, so you can be prepared for any eventuality.

Get rid of those spreadsheets and get organised with these top resource planning tools to make your business more productive and reach your business goals even faster.


LiquidPlanner is a highly-visual platform that shows you exactly where you're missing resource so you can plug the gaps without it having a detrimental affect on business workflows.

It uses a drag and drop UI, to make adding and moving time blocks, resources and more to projects easy, plus it offers integrations with the major cloud platforms such as Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box, making it an attractive option for businesses already using other tools.

With three different tiers, there's an option for every-sized business, but it's a relatively expensive option, even if you opt for the lowest plan, which offers tracking of up to 50 projects and 25GB cloud storage.

Price: From $9.99/month/user (7.50/user/month)

Platforms: Browser, iOS, Android,

URL: LiquidPlanner

Saviom Resource Management

Saviom is a much more in-depth standalone product compared to some of its rivals. It offers the full suite of resource planning features, such as employee scheduling, capacity management, resource allocation and skills tracking.

Because it's so feature-rich, you can opt to just use the features you need it for and then tag others on later down the line when you've got to grips with it all. You can also customise reports according to what's most important to your business, so its flexibility is certainly one of its most impressive features.

Price: On request

Platforms: Windows, Browser, iOS, Android

URL: Saviom


Meisterplan has a big focus on finding the right skills and resources for the project in hand. Its excellent skills-matching ability ensure every part of your business is covered by people best for the job and quickly.

Its highly visual UI makes it easy to see where there are gaps and, coupled with its inbuilt scenario modelling, you can see exactly where problems may crop up in future, allowing you to plan better.

It's simple to setup and simple to use, helping businesses to uncover where their weaknesses may lie straight away.

Price: 199/month (175/month)

Platforms: Mac, Windows, browser, Android, iOS

URL: Meisterplan


If you just can't stand to move away from spreadsheets for organisation, FieldBooks is the resource planning option for you. It creates a tracking database using an API in Google Sheets to help your specific business find the information it needs using the data they already hold.

Although it doesn't have the prettiest interface around, its advanced filtering, sorting and grouping of data wll make sure the information presented back to you is spot on and relevant to what you need, now.

You can share FieldBooks among teams and it goes much further than just resource planning too - build reports around any part of your business with the data you already hold!

Price: $10/user/month

URL: Fieldplan


Streamtime puts a real focus on scheduling tasks, with a close relationship between managing the tasks at hand and employee timesheets. Designed first and foremost for design studios and the creative industries, it puts a strong focus on daily scheduling and workloads, although its usability isn't limited to those sectors.

However, this does mean its design is beautiful and super-simple to use. It's also completely usable, speeding up the time it takes to quote, manage resources and invoice, with a simple to use interface and minimal set-up effort.

Price: 10.80/user/month

URL: Streamtime

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