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More and more organisations rely on APIs as a core aspect of their business models. This has the potential to unlock new growth - as long as APIs are managed and secured properly. Why does this matter? Attackers realise that unsecured APIs are a quick way to exfiltrate data.

The silver lining is that despite the new risks APIs represent, new security tools are simple to deploy for the fast, powerful capabilities that ensure that APIs don’t outpace the security that must accompany them.

Join our webinar with Dan Gould and Humair Ahmed from Cloudflare and guest speaker Sandy Carielli, a Forrester Principal Analyst to learn about key API security risks and protections to be considered as we move forward with APIs, where you'll learn about:

  • APIs security trends to understand how peers view API security
  • Key API security risks that are driving breaches
  • Security and management advice to keep APIs security and productive

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