Google bundles Android and web authentication APIs under one banner

The Google Identity Services branding
(Image credit: Google)

Google has launched a suite of authentication and identity APIs, called Google Identity Services, that consolidates all identity products under a single software development kit (SDK) for web and Android developers.

This SDK includes the Sign in with Google button as well as the newly launched One Tap, described as a low-friction authentication prompt. Both are secure tokens, rather than passwords, with Google suggesting this method of authentication is much more secure than requiring users to remember a username and password.

Using this family of APIs, developers for both Android devices and the web can implement Google’s authentication modules on their sites and apps with much greater ease. Previously, Google's identity tools and features were disconnected and disparate.

“We set out on this journey to deliver an identity solution without compromising privacy and security, and we’ve done just that,” said the product manager for Google Identity, Filip Verley.

“With the new Google Identity Services, we've combined Google's industry leading security with the ultimate convenience of easy sign in to deliver an experience that keeps users safe, while facilitating new user acquisition and seamless sign in for returning users.”

Screenshot of the Google One Tap service in action

(Image credit: Google)

Launched to coincide with the new SDK, Google’s One Tap is an authentication module that lets users sign in without redirecting to another page.


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The One Tap prompt slides from the bottom of a page on a mobile site, or appears in the top right corner on a desktop web browser, working for both new users as well as those who’ve already logged in.

The Sign in with Google button has also been refreshed to show your name, email address and profile image in the widget when you’re returning to a website.

This comes alongside a number of user interface upgrades, with web developers able to customise the colour, size, shape, text, and more elements of the button. It’s part of wider efforts to ensure there’s design and user experience (UX) consistency across Google’s various products.

Example of Google's new sign in mechanism on Reddit

(Image credit: Google)

Google Identity Services products are also engineered to protect against vulnerabilities such as click-jacking and pixel tracking, the firm said.

Every Google Account is also embedded with anti-fraud and anti-abuse features, with Google Identity Services mitigating against false identities as well as duplicate accounts.

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