UK citizens enthusiastic about government digital offerings


A survey by digital transformation specialist Sopra Steria has revealed two thirds of UK citizens are impressed by the government's efforts to digitise public services, saying it's easier than ever to access them via digital "storefronts."

However, this also means expectations for the introduction of new digital services are increasing and although 83% recognise more are becoming available, there's still a way to go until the government can reach complete satisfaction.

For example, 87% think it's important they can access all the services they need from one, single portal, while many think the service and experience needs to be bettered because it's not up to scratch just yet.

More than half of respondents surveyed by Ipsos on behalf of Sopra Steria feel that digital services relating to healthcare need the most improvement, a figure that has risen 5% since 2016.

"These findings reflect much of what we are hearing and seeing in the marketplace; citizens and civil servants alike want the digital agenda to enable a more integrated experience, with data sharing and interaction handling across organisational boundaries," Adrian Fieldhouse, managing director of the government sector at Sopra Steria, said.

"Unlocking this potential allows brand new service models that enable citizens to seamlessly navigate the public services they need regardless from any source. In order to realise the future all parties are so keen to see, the UK Public Sector must use data much more effectively, identifying it an asset where it currently sits, understanding how to extract it and, most crucially, figuring out how to refine it to drive cross-agency change."

Those surveyed also voiced concerns about the government's digitisation of services. Almost half (48%) commented they're worried people will be able to access the information they put online, while 39% don't even want to put their personal information online, even if they know the benefits associated with digital services.

"These results are no reason for complacency," Philip Craig, strategic director of the government sector at Sopra Steria said. "Creating an intuitive access point or digital storefront' is only the first step in achieving true digital transformation.

"Work remains to reimagine the infrastructure, governance and even culture that underpins these services. By committing to that process, governments will have the best chance of providing services that citizens trust, and allow us all to benefit from the substantial economic and social benefits that integrated access brings."

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

Clare is the founder of Blue Cactus Digital, a digital marketing company that helps ethical and sustainability-focused businesses grow their customer base.

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