Anonymous UK declares war on English Defence League


Hackers have reportedly published the names and addresses of English Defence League (EDL) supporters, as part of a newly-launched campaign to break up the right-wing protest group.

The hackers claim to be affiliated with Anonymous UK and uploaded the information to a Pastebin account yesterday, along with a YouTube video explaining its actions.

In the 2.19 minute clip, the group accuses the EDL of seizing on the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich last week to spread "bigotry, hate and misinformation" and instigate "crimes against the innocent".

Since the killing a week ago today, members of the EDL have staged protests blaming Islam for the attack.

As a result, the organisation said it will start working on the "systematic and comprehensive desiccation" of the EDL.

"Our people are desperate for hope, in a hopeless society where our own Government neglects, where society has failed us, it is only natural to seek a relatable change maker," said the distored voice in the clip.

"This sort of desperation, this quest for feeling of worth, is what you have taken advantage of."

It also states that the EDL has angered Anonymous UK "considerably" and "summoned our wrath irrevocably".

"You will fall, we can say this with complete confidence. We are everywhere, you cannot hide, you cannot win," it continues.

"It will not happen overnight, but we will be victorious."

The EDL have responded to the hacking group's actions on Twitter by claiming the list is out of date.

Just to clear up #opEDL, the list is from 2010 ,old news ! We have nothing to hide .well done , keep it up. #boreoffEnglishDefenceLeague (@Official_EDL) May 29, 2013

This isn't the first time the EDL has been targeted by hackers, as the organisation's website was defaced last November by a group called the ZCompany Hacking Crew (ZHC).

At the time, EDL denied it had been hacked, but accused ZHC of infiltrating one of its member's Gmail accounts to obtain the site's log-in details.

Shortly afterwards, the organisation was forced to temporarily move its website to a different domain name.

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