Acer's ConceptD laptops feature glasses-free 3D technology

A man using the SpatialLabs 3D program on an Acer Concept D

Acer has revealed a suite of 3D experiences that will debut on its upcoming ConceptD notebook that will function without the need for glasses or headsets.

"SpatialLabs" will make use of sensor and screen technology to create a stereoscopic 3D rendering that allows users to examine their creations in 360 degrees, without requiring the user to wear specialist hardware.

It uses a stereo camera, with two image sensors, to track the position of the user's head and eyes, and an optical lens, which is bonded to the display, to project a pair of 2D images into each eye.

The final element is 'real-time' rendering technology which enables the users to rotate and move the 3D models in certain applications.

"Building on our commitment to creators through ConceptD, we're excited to introduce SpatialLabs, the next step of Acer's efforts to enable immersive experiences," said Jerry Kao, Acer's Co-COO. "SpatialLabs enhances 3D designers' current workflow, so they can focus their time and resources on the creative process."

The new technology also includes SpatialLabs 'Model Viewer', which is a tool that enables a user to import files in all major 3D file formats and present them in stereoscopic 3D. The information generated about the head and eye positions are incorporated into the displayed 3D model, so that the user can move left or right and the model will rotate in the opposite direction as if they had taken a step to either side of the object.

There is also a SpatialLabs 'Player', where users can play videos in stereoscopic 3D and can swap between 3D mode and 2D mode where they will see two images side by side.

The ConceptD notebook range is expected to arrive in Europe in July, although no specific date has been given.

Bobby Hellard

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