French app developers sue Apple over supra-competitive App Store fees

The Apple logo on a glass storefront in Ireland
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Apple was sued on Monday by French app developers who alleged the iPhone maker overcharged them for using the App Store.

There are three plaintiffs named in the class action suit: Société du Figaro, developer of the Figaro news app, L'Équipe 24/24, developer of the L'Équipe sports news and streaming app, and Le Geste, a French content providers’ association.

According to the complaint filed by the plaintiffs in a federal court in California, Apple

monopolized mobile app distribution on iOS devices by mandating only one app store.

The move facilitated the Cupertino, California company's charges of "supracompetitive" 30% commissions for 14 years, plus $99 annual fees to app developers — all while crippling innovation and competition.

"There is no valid business necessity or pro-competitive justification for Apple's conduct," the complaint said. "Instead, Apple's actions are designed to destroy competition."

Per reports, the plaintiffs seek an injunction against further anticompetitive conduct from Apple, including triple damages for violating federal antitrust law and California state laws.

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro and Paris-based Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi are representing the plaintiffs. Hagens Berman had previously sued Apple for stifling rival tap-to-pay options.