Cyber-resilient infrastructure starts with server security

Whitepaper from Dell on improving your infrastructure cyber-resilience with server security, with image of colleagues looking at a laptop on the cover
(Image credit: Dell)

The era of hardware and processor based security is here. A significant number of firms now employ a technology-based business strategy that underpins all aspects of their business. From customer engagement to business operations,  data is providing insights which lead to differentiation and transformation.

Cutting edge IT infrastructure serves as a foundation which ensures the timely use of data.  Legacy systems and older operating models are difficult to maintain in comparison to new products on the market. Furthermore, security for these dated systems are often pieced together and can lead to significant breaches that can compromise intellectual property and sensitive information.

Dell Technologies and AMD commissioned a study on the continuing need for server security and the challenges organizations face in fully securing their servers. This white paper presents analysis from that study. The empirical data was drawn from a web survey of 1,524 IT professionals and business decision makers.

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can transform revenue operations through data-driven decision making.

Provided by  Dell & AMD


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