Build a powerful mobile workforce

Modern business is about flexibility, giving employees the ability to work from anywhere on the planet. Thanks to the HP EliteBook 800 series laptops with Windows 10 Pro, your workers can get the power and flexibility they need on the move.

One of the first challenges of going mobile is to get employees to carry a laptop at all times. In other words, nobody wants to lug around an ugly, heavy computer. With the HP EliteBook 800 series, you can overcome this first hurdle quickly, as you get slim and stylish laptops that your workers will actively want to carry.

There's a range of options to suit all needs. The EliteBook 820 has a 12.5in screen, measures 311x218.9x18.9mm and weighs 1.26kg; the EliteBook 840 has a 14in screen, measures 338x237x18.9mm and weighs 1.48kg; and the EliteBook 850 has a 15.6in screen, measures 383.3x257.7x19.4mm and weighs 1.84kg.

Although the laptops may be slim, they're tough and built to withstand the rigours of a harsh work life, with all EliteBook 800 series passing the MIL-STD 810G tests. These include simulating vibrations caused by 1,000 miles of ground transportation; being covered in road dust for six hours while in use; being dropped 26 times on every side and angle; and surviving an altitude pressure of 15,000 feet and temperature change of 100-degrees Celsius.

Travelling with a laptop should be easy, so the EliteBook 800 range has an array of full-sized ports, so you can use them without needing adaptors. These include two USB 3.1 ports, with one that can charge devices even when the laptop is sleeping. There's also a USB Type-C port, and both analogue VGA and digital DisplayPort video outputs, plus a headphone socket and Gigabit Ethernet port.

Wireless connectivity is well accounted for, too, with the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi giving you super-fast network access, and Bluetooth 4.2 for high-speed, low-power peripheral connection. Optional integrated LTE can give your workers a fast 4G connection on the move, too.

Powered by the latest 7th Gen Intel processors and with the option of SSDs for storage, performance from the EliteBook 800 range is phenomenal. These laptops can easily cope with any business task, and the days of wishing for a powerful desktop computer are well and truly over.

Thanks to Intel's efficiency, the EliteBook 800 range lasts a long time away from mains power: 14h 45m on the 820; 15h 15m on the 840; and 14h 15m on the 850. When a laptop needs more juice, HP's fast charging batteries can soak up 50% battery life in just 30 minutes of charging with no impact on recharge cycles.

Security is incredibly important, but never more so than on a mobile device that will spend a lot of its life outside your business. HP has built in the tools you need to enforce strong security without infuriating your users. With HP Multi-Factor Authenticate, you can combine passwords with an integrated fingerprint reader for an easy way to add extra security.

HP SureStart Gen3 is there to prevent BIOS-level malware attacks from taking hold. This technology monitors your BIOS and replaces it with a clean version should an infection occur.

It's Windows 10 Pro that brings the best out in the EliteBook 800 series, though. Built with security in mind, Windows 10 Pro helps protect your mobile data. As well as being a security-hardened OS with dedicated remote management tools, Windows 10 has additional features to increase protection.

BitLocker is a must, as it encrypts hard disks to prevent data being copied should a laptop be stolen. Given that the ideal work laptop will be used for personal use as well as business, it's sensible to use Window Information Protection (WIP).

This policy-based system can separate business and personal data on the same device, giving flexibility without compromising security. WIP is smart, as you can define the authorised users and apps that can access business data. For example, you can stop a personal email client from being able to email a sensitive business document. WIP can even dictate where content can be copied and pasted, preventing the accidental leakage of data.

Windows 10 Pro is a more powerful tool for communication, too. With the EliteBook 800 range's Bang & Olufson-tuned audio and HP Noise Reduction Software, your users can talk clearly using Skype for Business, no matter where they're located.

If you buy EliteBook 800 laptops with a touchscreen (Full HD on the 840 and 850; 1,366x768 on the 820), Windows 10's impressive support gives your users a new way of interacting with their mobile devices. Even without a touchscreen, the EliteBook 800 range has a large glass touchpad with gesture support to make navigating Windows 10 a doddle.

The best way to buy business laptops, such as the EliteBook 800 range, is via a trusted partner, such as CCL Computers. Providing you with a dedicated account manager, you've got a single-point of content to ensure that you have a stress-free experience. CCL Computers offers competitive pricing, with your account manager able to give you a tailored quote for the exact spec of laptops that you require. With leasing and credit options available, you've got the flexibility to spread your capital payment and keep the finance department happy. Need your computers in a hurry? CCL Computers has same day and next day options available, so you can roll out your new laptop fleet quickly and efficiently.

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