Black Friday bargain: Currys slashes £250 off the Surface Pro

It's Monday, and the Black Friday 2017 deals are already coming thick and fast. That's linguistically nauseating, but is quite good for those that love a bargain - and in this case, especially if you're in the market for Microsoft's latest 2017 Surface Pro.

Right now, as part of the Currys PC World Black Friday deals, you can buy the 2017 Surface Pro (still known to some as the Surface Pro 5, even if it isn't by Microsoft) for 849. For that money, you get the i5 model with 128GB storage and the type cover, which retails at around 100 on its own. No Surface Pen, though, sadly.

Buy the 2017 Surface Pro from Currys for 849

Let's talk specifications. For your 849, you'll be getting the i5 version - which comes with a 2.6GHz i5-7300U dual-core processor and 4GB RAM. Yeah, it's not the top of the range i7 model, but as former Alphr editor Ian Betteridge said in his review, that's likely only a concern for people who need to do heave CAD/CAM work on it.

Here's what he also said: "I've used the Surface Pro series since the third generation, and there's no doubt this Surface Pro is the best one yet. It has good performance and great battery life and, because it's both a tablet and a laptop, it's a very versatile machine."

However, he also noted that it's not for everyone: Microsoft's own Surface laptop is better option for people who don't use the tablet much, and for those that do the iPad Pro offers a bit more versatility. "That doesn't make the Surface Pro any less of an excellent machine, and Microsoft is to be complimented for pushing the envelope on what's possible in this form factor," he concluded. "But, for most people, it's probably not the best option anymore."

Maybe not. But at this price, it's certainly a contender.

Buy the 2017 Surface Pro from Currys for 849

Pictures courtesy of Alphr

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