WhatsApp makes it easier for users to free up storage space

WhatsApp, Web app, Messaging

WhatsApp has redesigned its storage management settings, making it easier for users to mass-delete images and large files that have been shared multiple times, including those that take up most of the phone’s storage space.

The new update, which users can find by going to Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage, automatically groups content into two categories: those forwarded multiple times and those greater than 5MB. Users can also choose to preview specific media files and sort them by size before deleting them in bulk. Additionally, WhatsApp will display a warning alert when the storage is almost full.

You can then choose which group to review, then click on the files you’d like to delete and click the trash can image to delete them. If you just want to delete the entire group, simply click “Select All,” then click the trash can image.

These are welcome developments, as the current WhatsApp storage usage tool only lists the number of messages, photos, GIFs, and videos in each chat, and the amount of space they take up. The risk of accidental deletion is higher because users don't have the option to browse or review the content they delete.

With the new storage management tool, users will enjoy greater control over the storage space WhatsApp takes up. According to reports, this new feature will roll out to all users this week.