From customer experience to enterprise experience

How to improve customer experience - whitepaper from IBM

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Great customer experiences (CX) come from great enterprise experiences. An organisation’s ideal CX—its CX North Star—can become a reality when everyone across the enterprise has adopted a customer-centric mindset. From executives to employees to ecosystem partners, they all must be empowered with the technologies, tools, data insights, and processes they need.

But how do organisations communicate a North Star for CX, and is this being done effectively? To what extent is this vision integrated across the enterprise with other business strategies and priorities? What technologies do organisations employ to execute their vision? And how do companies stay focused on realizing that vision internally and across their ecosystems?

To better understand the dynamics at play, IBM also conducted a series of in-depth, one-on-one qualitative interviews with other executives who are in the midst of actualising their CX North Star across their organisations and ecosystems. This report highlights five of these executives. Their personal stories and insights about the positive approaches at their companies— along with examples from Visionaries—point to six winning practices other organisations can use to enhance their CX.


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