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The case for consolidating your comms and IT support

Multiple tools and services can stand in the way of truly effective communication

In the last few years the way we work and collaborate has changed forever. The boom in hybrid and remote working means that teams frequently have to collaborate over vast distances. For some small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), this may even have meant abandoning the office altogether. In the face of global disruption and changing ways of working, open lines of communication are even more vital than they have ever been.

Cloud-based tools have stepped in to enable clear communication and remote access in these changing circumstances. However, unplanned adoption and the use of too many disconnected systems can lead to a complex knot of services that can end up causing chaos rather than preventing it.

A solution to this chaos is to adopt a unified communications and IT support solution, such as GoTo Essentials, to ensure that business communications are occurring on one platform where all employees can be found, the various features your business needs are compatible, and important messages don’t go astray.

The benefits of consolidation

With all the possible communications tools in play today, you’ve likely had a moment of confusion in which you’ve realised that you’ve been neglecting one particular tool or channel, or realised that you don’t know how to log into the particular service being used for a meeting that’s started already. As for IT teams, they have to deal with the complicated tech stack with multiple points of failure that results, as well as having to juggle multiple providers.

A crucial requirement of effective communications and IT support systems is that they are simple to understand and use. A unified comms and IT support platform puts everything in one place, so that everyone knows where to go for all their communication and collaboration tools. It gives your business the opportunity to work with one trusted vendor, so that you can be sure that you will receive the level of support and security you need at all times.

This clarity and connectivity will extend to your clients, consumers, suppliers and any external IT support, making sure that you can work closely with them to ensure that all parties are communicating with each other and delivering what the other needs. Combining phone, meeting and messaging capabilities with an all-in-one IT support and management into one simple and reliable service can mean the difference between a well-connected company and costly confusion.

Speaking of costs, adopting a unified system can help you to gain control of spiralling expenses. Employing a host of apps and services means you’ll likely end up paying more for tools you don’t need, which can be a particular issue for SMBs trying to keep costs down in a time of economic uncertainty where every penny counts. Sudden changes in costs can come as a nasty surprise, or even go unnoticed if your web of services is too complicated.

A unified communications and IT support system from a single vendor means one fee. It becomes much easier to monitor and control your costs, and you’ll also likely end up paying less overall.

GoTo Essentials combines the GoTo Connect business communications software and GoTo Resolve IT and management software into one convenient bundle with all the features you need to keep your colleagues in touch and IT support running smoothly. GoTo Essentials includes advanced security and a 24/7 helpline, providing support and advice whenever you need it, and is available for one affordable fee.

With a unified comms and IT support solution, you can cut through the confusion and expense of using multiple services to make sure that your business is working together as smoothly and efficiently as possible, wherever your employees are based.

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