The future of work and the forgotten workforce

A whitepaper from BT on how to develop a mobile-first mindset, with image of female worker looking at mobile phone
(Image credit: BT)

The way we work is changing. Thanks to cloud computing, many of us have the opportunity to connect with colleagues and work wherever we happen to be. However, this isn’t the case for everyone; in particular, those in frontline positions whose jobs remain the same as they always were. 

New hybrid-working policies often focus on the place of work, rather than the people, and don’t always incorporate the needs of employees who work in the field. To empower your entire workforce, there’s a requirement to not only embrace hybrid working but also adopt a mobile-first approach for better inclusivity

This ebook from BT discusses why a mobile-first mindset goes beyond technology. By having a holistic view of all employees and how they collaborate and work together, BT shares how your business can gain a competitive advantage by selecting the right tools for the tasks your staff perform, resulting in better performance and better value for customers. 

Download now to learn:

  •  How a mobile-first mindset can improve team cohesion 
  •  How going mobile-first can empower your “forgotten workforce” 
  •  Mobile-first is achieved when all staff have the right tools for their roles and enjoy using them. 

Provided by  BT


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