24 Seven launches UK national roaming service

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National mobile roaming is set to eliminate UK 'not-spots', according to an operator introducing such a service to Britain.

Provider 24 Seven Communications claims to be the first network operator to develop a product that will eliminate not-spots' by allowing mobile phone users to switch to a stronger signal.

The SIM card will allow mobile users to switch to whichever network is strongest when in areas with poor signal, a concept that has met with wide disapproval from mobile operators.

Nevertheless, IT Propreviously reported that a new UK law is to be introduced to deal with the problem of network not-spots in rural areas, forcing operators to share resources where coverage is weakest.

David Samuel, managing director of 24 Seven, said: "National roaming has been a subject passed between mobile network operators and paid lip-service for many years. Surely in this day and age, technology providers owe the public a more reliable mobile signal?

"We've taken the initiative with this new and innovative product, which will allow mobile users greater freedom, better reliability and improved connection."

Operators have objected to the proposed move, claiming that it would negatively impact their ability to improve infrastructure and force them to increase prices in response.

When asked about plans to introduce a national roaming law in the UK, a spokesperson for O2 told IT Pro: "We have made our concerns over the national roaming proposals very clear and have advised the government on a range of alternative solutions to achieve the same ambition, some of which we have already embarked upon.

"National roaming is a regulatory solution that will worsen the experience people have when using their phones and undermine future investment in mobile infrastructure in the UK."

It is estimated that a fifth of the country's popular are affected by mobile not-spots, according to figures released by the government.

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