First Google Glass prescription lens pricing announced

New York-based eyewear start-up Rochester Optical has become the first company to announce pricing for Google Glass prescription lenses.

According to Slash Gear, Rochester Optical's solution fixes onto the device, rather than requiring it to be dismantled and attached to a new headpiece, with pricing expected to start from $99.

The announcement was made by Tim Moore, Rochester Optical's marketing strategist and founder of Venture Glass, on Google's Explorer-only Glass community.

According to the company, more details about how its prescription lenses will work will be released following CES 2014, which takes place next week.

Moore said Explorers would be able to pre-order their prescription lenses shortly afterwards.

Google's head-mounted minicomputer typically comes with a clear plastic "shield", which clips onto the nosepiece.

How Rochester's prescription lenses will be combined with Google Glass is currently unclear, but it is expected they will have some kind of frame available in a range of colours, both matching and in addition to the five colours Glass is currently available in.

IT Pro spoke to Moore about Slash Gear's claims, but he was unable to confirm any details beyond the mid-January availability of the device at this time for confidentiality reasons.

The company's announcement comes a little under a month since photos of Google's own prescription Glass solution were reportedly leaked online.

According to Phandroid, Brian Matiash, the community manager of Google+ Photos, published three photos showing Glass on traditional glasses. However, IT Pro has been unable to independently verify this claim as the original post has since been removed.

Jane McCallion
Deputy Editor

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