Google Glass to allow real-time streaming of users' lives

A new app for Google Glass will allow users to stream real-time video of their daily lives online and charge others for the privilege of watching them.

The app from Livelens will let Glass users share live streams of their lives to be viewed by others, with the option to comment on and like videos along with other social features.

They will even be able to charge a fee for watching, and the app has garnered attention for its potential as an income generation stream for celebrities and wannabe celebrities alike.

Improvements will have to be made to the battery life of Google Glass before live, continuous all-day streaming is possible, but this is an area that is likely to be developed in the future. Google did, however, pull in-built video call functionality from the device as recently as April.

Max Bluvband, chief executive of Livelens, said: "We're excited to expand into the growing sector of wearables and we believe our Google Glass application provides a fascinating experience for broadcasting your life."

Livelens already has apps available on both Android and iOS.

The Google Glass app takes advantage of its unique perspective as wearable tech, and is able to effectively broadcast what the user is actually seeing.

The ability to monetise these streams, as well as using social features such as Facebook sharing and comments, are also selling points for the app.

Caroline Preece

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