Sony releases Smart EyeGlass as Google Glass competitor

Sony has unveiled its own head-mounted computer, with Smart EyeGlass being touted as the next legitimate competitor to Google Glass and set for release in spring 2015.

The glasses work differently to Google Glass previously the most high profile example of the technology in that, rather than the small panel situated above one eye, they have translucent lenses that display information over the wearer's direct field of vision, reports FirstPost.

The display is designed to complement and enhance whatever the wearer is looking at, though Sony has assured cynics this will not prove distracting.

This difference could address the various problems people have reported having with Google Glass, such as eyestrain and headaches. There have also been concerns over privacy with Google Glass and other wearable technology like it.

The glasses also differ from Google's offering in that their display is being kept monochrome in an effort to save precious battery life, while it also connects wirelessly to users' Android smartphones.

The glasses sport an image sensor, 3-megapixel camera, gyroscope, integrated accelerometer, electronic compass and microphone. Instead of the integrated controls in Google Glass, however, they come with a separate unit where the microphone and battery lives.

Various products similar to Google Glass have been slowly emerging since 2012, with different variations on the display and functionality of the headsets catering towards slightly differently markets.

Sony is reportedly hoping to launch a developer version of the Smart EyeGlass before 2014 is over, with a prototype becoming available to users in March 2015.

Caroline Preece

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