IT Pro 20/20: Is it time to ditch broadband?

IT Pro 20/20: Is it time to ditch broadband?

Welcome to issue 26 of IT Pro 20/20, distilling the most important themes of the previous month into a simple, easy-to-read package.

It’s the time of year when we see the biggest names in tech gather for Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, and so this month’s issue is all about the latest trends in networking technology.

With the widening roll out of 5G, we look at the nature of business communications in 2022, and whether businesses can, or should move away from traditional Wi-Fi.

We also explore the hypocrisy of big tech companies, and why some of the world's greatest disrupters are paradoxically clinging onto archaic traditions.

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IT Pro 20/20: Is it time to ditch broadband?

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Dale Walker

Dale Walker is the Managing Editor of ITPro, and its sibling sites CloudPro and ChannelPro. Dale has a keen interest in IT regulations, data protection, and cyber security. He spent a number of years reporting for ITPro from numerous domestic and international events, including IBM, Red Hat, Google, and has been a regular reporter for Microsoft's various yearly showcases, including Ignite.