Google revises Chrome and Chrome OS update schedule

It was just one short week ago when Google announced it would pause all Google Chrome and Chrome OS updates due to the global rise of COVID-19. The tech company has since scheduled a restart on all Chrome- and Chrome OS-related updates, reassuring users the company is committed to providing them a reliable platform throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the revised schedule below:

  • Look out for M83’s release to come three weeks earlier than planned. The M83 update will include all M82 updates from the previously canceled release
  • Google’s Canary, Dev and Beta channels will resume this week
  • M83 will move to Dev while M81 will continue to work in Beta
  • Google’s Stable channel will kick off next week with the release of added security features and critical fixes in M80. M81’s release will take place the week of April 7, and the M83 release will come in mid-May
  • Google has yet to announce a schedule for the M84 update, but it will share the timeline soon

Google generally updates its platforms roughly every six weeks, but it put a hold on them to ensure users would have a stable, reliable version of the popular browser working throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

With many forced to work remotely and schools nationwide transitioning to digital learning, Google has been steadfast in providing its users with the tech they need to make it through this outbreak.

While it will take time for a familiar update schedule to resume, this announcement shows a return to normalcy for Google. With most Google employees now working from home, users are likely to see more announcements related to Chrome and Chrome OS upgrades and development in the coming weeks.