Otterbox launches Amplify Glass with antimicrobial technology

Otterbox has announced its new Amplify Glass screen protectors with antimicrobial technology that protect against germs and bacteria.

OtterBox codeveloped this all-new antimicrobial screen protector Corning, and it aims to provide users with superior scratch resistance and continuous antimicrobial technology. It rings in at $49.95.

The EPA-registered antimicrobial technology featured in the Amplify Glass screen protectors also helps protect screens from drops, bumps and scratches while also keeping the screen remarkably sterile. Further, the screen protector’s silver ion technology is embedded within the glass, so it won't wear away over time.

"Our phones pick up bacteria wherever we go," shared OtterBox CEO Jim Parke. "Amplify Glass with Antimicrobial Technology incorporates an agent in the glass to help reduce microbial growth."

OtterBox is no stranger to innovation when it comes to providing its customers with quality products. By leveraging its manufacturing and design expertise, it’s no surprise the company has become one of the leading smartphone case brands in the U.S.