Google’s Pixel team shaken up after disappointing Pixel 4 launch

According to a recent report from The Information, the Google Pixel team has undergone a shakeup following the disappointing launch of the Pixel 4. Led by former Motorola executive Rick Osterloh, the team has seen two major players leave in the past year. Pixel general manager Mario Queiroz and "the mastermind behind Google's Pixel camera," Marc Levoy, have reportedly left the team in recent months.

Queiroz reportedly made his exit from the team just two months before the launch of the Pixel 4. Though he transitioned into a role that reported directly to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Queiroz later left Google altogether, choosing to join Palo Alto Networks as its executive VP covering special projects. As for Levoy, he ended his tenure with Google in March, which is reflected on his LinkedIn page.

Unfortunately for Google, the Pixel 4 hasn’t enjoyed much success and has sold less than the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a in its first two quarters. According to The Information’s reporting, the IDC estimates Google has sold a mere 2 million Pixel 4 phones. In comparison, Apple sold nearly 74 million phones in Q4 2019 alone.

Reportedly, Osterloh wasn’t confident about the launch of the Pixel 4 either. According to reports, in an all-hands meeting ahead of the Pixel 4 launch, Osterloh aired his misgivings about the phone. He reportedly "did not agree with some of the decisions made about the phone" and that "in particular, he was disappointed in its battery power."

With regards to the future, all eyes are now set on the upcoming release of Pixel 4a, which is scheduled to launch next month. According to Tom’s Guide, the Pixel 4a is expected to deliver a larger display, an improved processor and a better camera. It’s anticipated Google will announce the device during the Android 11 Beta Launch Show on June 3, 2020.