HMD bolsters commitment to enterprise IoT with Nokia partnership

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HMD Global, the licensee of Nokia phones, is strengthening its commitment to the Internet of Things (IoT) market through two new collaborations and the development of an enterprise IoT offering to businesses worldwide.

The company is set to work with Finnish telecoms company Nokia and global IT consulting firm CGI to further its commitment in providing global 5G connectivity, security and innovation for enterprises.

“Today we're really announcing the next step that we're going beyond the traditional enterprise mobility into the IoT world which opens up a whole new market opportunity for us,” said Florian Seiche, HMD Global CEO.

Through the partnership with Nokia, HMD Global’s enterprise connectivity solutions will be underpinned by the Nokia WING (Worldwide IoT Network Grid) technology. This is an advanced management connectivity service that allows operators and IoT MVNOs to support their enterprise customers with IoT connectivity and management on a global scale that works across borders, networks, and use cases.

Janne Lehtosalo, VP services at HMD Global, said the partnership will allow HMD to use Nokia tech for the benefit of its customers. This will provide a “new backbone” for HMD Connect Pro connectivity services and use Nokia WINGs globally distributed future proofed 5G infrastructure.


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“Our customers will also be able to utilise Nokia windows connectivity management platform and this will give a single pane of glass to manage the full fleet of HMD Connect SIM cards across the globe,” added Lehtosalo.

HMD Connect Pro’s platform allows businesses to manage up to tens of thousands of connected devices through a management portal. This provides real-time visibility into the status of all connected devices and IoT assets, manage SIM lifecycles, and ensure they are secure.

Meanwhile, CGI will offer HMD Global’s enterprise offerings, such as HMD Enable Pro and smartphone hardware, to its clients worldwide.

“Together with our new partners, CGI as a go to market partner, and Nokia WING as a strategic technology partner, we will be able to take a significant step forward in the world of IoT,” said Lehtosalo.

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