Google Cloud to retire IoT Core service in 2023

A factory worker using a tablet in an industrial setting

Google Cloud is shutting down its IoT Core service in 2023, according to the tech giant’s recent cloud release notes.

After August 15, 2023, the documentation for IoT Core will no longer be available, read the documentation note. Google also sent out an email to customers, alerting them to the change.


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“We’re writing to let you know that Google Cloud’s IoT Core Service will be discontinued on August 16, 2023, at which point your access to the IoT Core Device Manager APIs will no longer be available. As of that date, devices will be unable to connect to the Google Cloud IoT Core MQTT and HTTP bridges and existing connections will be shut down,” read the mail.

The move has attracted significant backlash from IoT Core service users.

“Google Cloud has many great services, but it is very distressing to see them devalued by such a sudden announcement of their termination,” stated Twitter user Shinya Yanagihara.

Addressing the sudden unplugging, a Google spokesperson explained, “Since launching IoT Core, it has become clear that our customers’ needs could be better served by our network of partners that specialize in IoT applications and services.”

“We have worked extensively to provide customers with migration options and solution alternatives, and are providing a year-long runway before IoT Core is discontinued.”