Build innovation, intelligence and sustainability into your industrial processes, with the cloud

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The industry roadmap towards ‘4.0’ is in progress. The potential of connected machines, devices and processes is clear, and AWS, with its partners, are building the IoT sensors, cloud services, and applications to improve quality, reduce costs & predict maintenance needs, whilst building more sustainable operations.

The digital transformation of these industrial and manufacturing processes offers many opportunities, but how can you accelerate your transition, embrace change, while maximising your investment in on-premise machines, devices and tooling?

We invite you to watch AWS and industry leaders for a review of what is possible; Hear from your peers on their innovations and ideas, and learn about the role of technology in enabling your future opportunity.

This free on-demand webinar covers key topics including:

  • Analyst review on Manufacturing & Industrials current transformation & outlook
  • Keynote on Technology led transformation
  • Business Leaders Panel: Driving Innovation, Transformation, and Sustainability in the cloud
  • Fireside chats discussing: Engineering & Design in the Cloud, Smart Products & Machines, Supply Chain Management and Sustainability

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