Citrix ShareFile: grown-up file sharing

The other thing required by ShareFile on a Windows machine inside your business is an SSL Certificate, registered with a global public registrar. Self-Signed certificates won't do, it seems.

I am torn on this problem. On the one hand, you can see how Dropbox steals a march in many companies because it doesn't make the first test as onerous as this. On the other hand, if a company takes the business of data security seriously then the odd few thousand dollars for an SSL Certificate-issuing contract with Thawte or Comodo is nothing in the greater scheme of things, and provides an easy and verifiable degree of protection against at least the idlest and poorest of hackers. I expect the industry sectors included in ShareFile's list have this kind of appreciation of the realities of cloud security as part of their company culture, and that's driven ShareFile's growth and customer success story in such a way as to overwhelm minor barriers to casual software trials for those with a serious job to do. At the same time, it's pretty commonplace for products with a certificate requirement as part of their cookbook, to make it easy for people to start up with self-signed, isolated certificates. However, it would be very unfair to say that a major, if partly hidden player, in this market should be passed over for this reason.