McAfee Investigator launched at MPOWER 2017

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have taken centre stage at McAfee MPOWER for the announcement of the company's latest endpoint security product.

McAfee Investigator, as the product is called, automates data collection and uses advanced analytics to piece together and visually represent suspected attack intelligence.

It also uses AI and machine learning to learn attacks, techniques and procedures as it goes along, which can help human analysts in a Security Operations Centre (SOC) ask more relevant questions and resolve cases faster.

During his opening keynote at MPOWER, McAfee CEO Chris Young said: "In order to help you support those overburdened security operations environments ... we're unveiling McAfee investigator. It's a net new offer that's designed to help your security operations team increase its effectiveness."

"It's about defending your entire organisation, not just specific point threats in silo," Young continued. "It reconstructs attacks that are happening across your environment. It builds on other tools and platforms you've got in your environment using data science methodologies ... [to bring] together global and local threat intelligence, and basically help triage threats by teaming humans with machines."

In addition to Investigator and a new cloud-focused solution, Cloud Workload Security, McAfee has also updated one of its existing offerings, Endpoint Security (ENS).

Much like Investigator, ENS now features machine learning to analyse files before and after execution to help protect against unknown threats. This information is also fed back to McAfee where it's aggregated, serving as a source to help improve its threat detection algorithms.

MPOWER continues all week. Click here for more news from the event.

Main image credit: Jane McCallion | Dennis Publishing

Jane McCallion
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