Avast’s Business Hub helps eliminate gaps in cyber defense

Avast antivirus software on a smartphone
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Avast has launched an integrated security platform to help its customers, partners, and managed security service providers combat rapidly evolving cyber threats.

The Avast Business Hub platform alerts users to potential security threats and network issues via in-app notifications and email alerts. Risks may include outdated antivirus applications, inactive devices, faulty device updates, and more.

An all-in-one solution, Business Hub also features endpoint protection, patch management, remote access, and support solutions to strengthen businesses’ overall resiliency against cyber attacks.

"With technology rapidly adapting to support the extensive remote working required today, we are seeing additional cyber threats emerging,” said Filip Hlinka, VP of product at Avast Business.

“Avast Business Hub has been built to allow businesses and IT service providers to streamline the way they manage their cyber security solutions. This is a one-in-a-kind platform which combines all the features and services that organizations need today.”

The Avast Business Hub also includes a Master Agent (local update server) for managing, scheduling, and distributing updates to all endpoints in a network. The platform's other notable features include real-time commands to instantly run commands across multiple devices based on policy settings; secure web gateway to block counterfeit websites; multi-OS Avast Business Antivirus software, and more.

Alternatively, businesses can opt for Avast's Cloud Backup solution, which promises a recovery time of “under 15 minutes” following a disaster. There is a 100GB storage allowance with this subscription-based service, which is managed and deployed centrally through the Avast Business Hub.


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The tool also generates comprehensive reports that provide insights into backup history, stored data usage, and individual device usage. A subscriber may also receive alerts when the cloud backup fails, does not meet schedule, or is successful.

“The solution possesses unlimited data retention and version history, allows to precisely define the backup criteria and schedule it as often as every hour, and has automatic encryption, which protects data during every stage of the backup and restore processes,” added Avast.